Kayaking Norway | Kayak Norway | Kayak Lysefjord

Safety First

We put safety first in our routines and equipment, so that you can have a safe, yet enjoyable experience kayaking in Norway.

Kayaking Norway | Kayak Norway | Kayak Lysefjord

Central Location

We’re based inside the Lysefjord,  where all of our day tours and multi-day trips are organized – only 20 minutes from the iconic Pulpit Rock.

Kayaking Norway | Kayak Norway | Kayak Lysefjord

Highly Qualified Guides

Our guides are certified professionals in the outdoor industry, with a devotion to giving you the safest and most enjoyable experience.

Kayaking Norway | Kayak Norway | Kayak Lysefjord

Small Groups

We keep our group numbers to a maximum of 8 participants per guide. This ensures impact on nature and a better relation between guide and participants.

4 Day Kayak Trip in Norway: Hike, Kayak, and Camp on the Norwegian Fjords

Experience the majestic Norwegian fjords from a kayak and, climb to the top of the iconic Pulpit Rock, on our 4-day kayak trip in Norway: “Hike, Kayak, and camp on the Norwegian Fjords”!

4 Days: Hike Pulpit Rock & Kayak in Lysefjord (Autumn)

A 4-day kayak holiday in Norway where you’ll get to experience all the best from the Norwegian paradise, Lysefjord. We’ll be paddling the incredible fjords, hiking the famous Pulpit Rock and sleeping in an traditional Norwegian cabin by the water.
New Trip

Kayak Lysefjord – 3 Hours

Ever wanted to kayak on the Norwegian fjords? The "Kayak Lysefjord - 3-hour" tour is perfect for anyone looking to experience what kayaking on a Norwegian fjord is like. Kayaking Lysefjord is in our opinion one of the best experiences you must experience in the area. We pass by beautiful granite gorges, and waterfalls.

Half-Day Kayaking Lysefjord – 4 Hours

Enjoy a half-day of kayaking Lysefjord, which offers pristine scenery, seals, sea-eagles, waterfalls and a spectacular view of the famous Pulpit Rock seen from below. This adventure is perfect for anyone who would like to try kayaking on one of Norway’s most beautiful fjords!
We Recommend

Sea Kayak Introduction Course

Ever wanted to try out kayaking? Experience the joy of kayaking in our beginner-friendly sea kayaks on our introductory course inside Lysefjord. We will teach you the basic techniques as well as what and how to use the equipment. An introduction course for 3 hours is a good start if you’re considering a full 2-day fundamentals course.

Sea Kayak Fundamentals Course in Stavanger

Ever wanted to learn how to paddle a kayak? Join us on a two-day grunnkurs / basic course where you will receive the Norwegian paddle certificate (våttkort) on completion. This certificate allows you to rent kayaks in Scandinavia as well as joining our intermediate tours. Our certified instructors will teach you how to handle the sea kayak, rescue yourself and your friends, also general safety on the sea.

Learn The Greenland-Roll

Tired of swimming and having to pump the water out of your kayak? Attend a kayak-rolling course with us, and we will teach you how to roll, giving you the tools to stay dry – or at least your legs will be!



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Norway is called the “Northern Playground” for a reason. With the Norwegian “Allemannsret” and its easy accessibility from roads, you can quickly embark on epic adventures in Norway’s nature (and get lost in the sheer beauty of the vast landscape).

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What to pack for Kayak Trip in Norway

The kayak is the perfect watercraft for multi-day trips in Norwegian nature. Kayaks are quite sea-worthy, doesn’t make a sound, doesn’t pollute, can haul loads of equipment and is easily paddled but challenging to master. And best of all, you’re always the captain of your boat! 

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