Sea Kayak Fundamentals Course

You Will Learn To:

  • How to enter and exit the kayak.

  • Efficient forward paddling.

  • How to manoeuvre the kayak.

  • Basic seamanship

  • Different rescue techniques

Course Details

What's Included

1. Everything you need to paddle: a sea kayak, paddle and paddling equipment. 2. The våttkort paddle certificate after the course. 3. Loads of fun!

We Recommend That You Bring

1. Thermal wool underwear. 2. Sunglasses. 3. Sunscreen. 4. Camera to capture the action 5. Towel. 6. Lunch, snacks & water.

Where & When

The course is held over two days, with a total of 16 hours tuition time. We meet at Sollerudstranda in Lysaker (see map) at 10.00 on the first day.

Full Day Plan

Day 1

Everyone meet at our kayak container on Sollerudstranda at Lysaker 10.00. The container is located in the harbour at the beach. If you are unable to find it, meet our instructor on the beach. If you arrive by car, you can park your car here.

Shortly after everyone has arrived, there will be a briefing with some handy information. Afterwards, everyone will get a kayak and the needed equipment. Before getting onto the water we will go through the safety routines, and you will learn about the equipment. Pack light, we are not able to store personal belongings; they either have to go in the kayak or be left in your car.

At 10.45 we should be ready and on the water. We will then teach you:

  • How to enter and exit the kayak.
  • Efficient forward paddling.
  • How to manoeuvre the kayak.
  • How to paddle in a group
  • Basic traffic rules on the sea.

At 13.00-13.30 we will have a lunch break. After the break we will go on a short trip on the Oslo fjord where we will teach you:

  • Basic navigation
  • How to paddle in wind and waves.
  • Buddy rescue techniques.

The day ends at 18.00 where we will clean the kayaks and equipment. Afterwards, we will do a recap of the day and talk about the plan for the next day.

Day 2

We meet at Lysaker at 10.00. The day starts with a briefing for the day and information about safe paddling. At 10.30 we launch the kayaks on the water, where we will recap some of the techniques from the day before. Practice makes perfect.

We will make a lunch break on one of the islands between 13.00 and 13.30. During the break, the group will make the route plan for the next part of the journey. After the break, we will continue and follow the plan that the group made in the break.

As the last thing on the water, we will practice the self rescues.

We will finish at the beach at 17.00, where we will clean the equipment. Afterwards, we will recap on the day and the entire weekend. You will also get a chance to get individual feedback and tips from the instructor and how to continue getting better in the kayak. Last but not least, you will receive the våttkort certificate.