Sea Kayak Intermediate Course

Short Description

For you who already have some paddling experience but wants to hone your skills and abilities in the sea kayak, we offer the teknikkurs / intermediate course. Throughout this two-day course, you will learn how to manoeuvre the kayak in medium sized swell and wind skillfully. The course features rock-hopping, surf, intermediate rescues, difficult landings and basic camp craft.

You Will Learn:

  • Advanced edgining skills

  • Lowbrace (to avoid capsize)

  • Sculling

  • Introduction to greenland rolling

  •  Efficient self resuces

  • Towing

  • And much more..

Course Details

What's Included

1. Våttkort paddle certificate after a completed course. 2. Pictures of the action. 3. One instructor per six participants. 4. Loads of fun!

We Recommend That You Bring

Sunglasses. Sunscreen. Camera to capture the action. Lunch for 2 days, breakfast for 1. Camping equipment.

Where & When

The course is due over two days, with a total of 16 hours on the water. The course is held at either Hvaler, Hvasser or Koster depending on the weather.

Full Day Plan

Day 1

Depending on the weather, we will meet at the location at 10.00. We’ll pack out kayaks for a small journey to our campsite where we’ll put up the tents. 

After setting up camp, we will warm up on land and later on the water with a few balancing exercises. We’ll recap on the essentials of kayaking and build onto these techniques. We’ll cover:

  • Efficient forward paddling
  • Edging and edging in waves
  • Advanced manoeuvring
  • Different rescue techniques in waves

If the weather allows it, we’ll have a chance to get an introduction to surf and/or rock-hopping. 

Day 2

After breakfast, we’ll start on the water at 10.00. Today we will cover topics such as:

  • High- and low brace
  • Sculling
  • Introduction to rolling
  • Towing 
  • Efficient self rescues

During the course we’ll also be working with soft skills related to kayaking, giving you a better understanding about the environment, weather, loading the kayak, tactical paddling, paddling in a group, how to plan a trip and more.

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