Sea Kayak Intermediate Course


Course + kayak rental 2990,-

Course (own kayak) 2390,-


16 hours (2 days)

Number of participants:




For those of you who already have some paddling experience but want to hone your skills and abilities in a sea kayak, we offer the teknikkurs / intermediate course. Throughout this two-day course, you will learn how to manoeuvre the kayak in medium-sized swell and windy conditions. This course features rock-hopping, surfing, intermediate rescues, difficult landings and basic camp craft.

You Will Learn:

  • Advanced edging skills

  • Lowbrace (to avoid capsizing)

  • Sculling

  • Introduction to Greenland rolling

  •  Efficient self-rescues

  • Towing

  • And much more..

Course Details

What's Included

1. Våttkort paddle certificate after completing the course. 2. Pictures of the adventure! 3. One instructor per six participants. 4. Loads of fun!

We Recommend That You Bring

Sunglasses. Sunscreen. Camera to capture the action. Lunch for 2 days, breakfast for 1. Camping equipment.

Where & When

The course is held over two days, with a total of 16 hours. The course is held in the Stavanger archipelago, the specific location is weather dependant.