Kayak Rolling Course

Short Description

Tired of swimming and having to pump the water out of your kayak? Attend a kayak-rolling course with us, and we will teach you how to roll, giving you the tools to stay dry – or at least your legs will be!

You Will Learn:

A basic rolling course will cover:

  • The hipsnap technique
  • How to do the basic roll on flat water
  • How to practise by yourself after the course to perfect the roll

Advanced rolling skills (if you have already mastered the flat water roll, or want more perfection):

  • Storm-roll
  • Backdeck-roll
  • Rolling in breaking waves
  • Hand-roll
  • Shotgun-roll etc.

Course Details

What's Included

The course includes kayak, wetsuit, sprayskirt, and paddle. You’re most welcome to bring your own equipment as well!

We Recommend That You Bring

Woollen underwear. Towel. Shoes that can get wet.

Where & When

We teach the rolling from Sollerudstranda. On request, we can do it elsewhere as well. The course is 2 hours per session.

Course Summary

Rolling in a sea kayak

Some people will manage to roll on their first try, but the majority of people will need a little more practice. Our instructors are specialised in teaching kayak-rolling and will do so in a manner where you will feel safe at all times. We will adapt the course to suit your individual learning needs.