Kayak Trips in Norway


Explore Norway’s most beautiful fjords from a kayak! The kayak can take you to places where other boats can’t go, offering you pristine, untouched nature! 

Nordic Paddling is specialized in both single day and multi-day trips in the fjords of Norway. We know all the small intimate places and secrets only known to locals within Lysefjord. 

Multi-day Trips

Nordic Paddling provides full-package solutions that cover all the needs and requirements for a safe and enjoyable multi-day kayaking trip in Norway. Our guides are all industry-professionals with some of the highest educations and certifications within outdoor leadership. 

We make it easy and worry-free for you to book an out of the ordinary adventure! We take care of all transits when you arrive in Norway, food, acommodation, guiding and equipment. 


Vi forsøker i Nordic Paddling å begrense smittespredningen. Det gjør vi med ulike tiltak:

  • Vi oppfordre til at alle deltakere på turene våre, overholder 1-meters reglen og sørger for god håndhygiene. Håndsprit er tilgjengelig ved ankomst. 
  • Maks gruppe størrelse på 8 deltaker + 1 guide
  • Al utstyr og kontaktflater blir desinfisert etter hver tur. 

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