Canoe Basic Course+: 3 Days on lakes and 2 days on river

6.500 kr

Canoe Basic Course+: 3 Days on lakes and 2 days on river

Have you ever tried paddling a canoe on a river? Come with us on this 5-day journey where we will teach you how to plan and execute a multi-day canoe trip on both lakes and rivers. The course starts with three days on lakes, where we will teach you the basics of manoeuvring and paddling the canoe as well as rescues. The following two days, we will teach you how to paddle the canoe on the river with running water and rapids. This course is perfect for everyone who wants to see what real canoeing is all about. After the course, you will receive the NPF Våttkort (Norsk Padleforbund) paddle certificate.

6.500 kr


Course summary

The course is build up with a natural progression. We will start the trip on lakes, where we will work with basic techniques that we will need later when we get onto the white water of the river. On the lake, we will practice strokes like;

  • Efficient forward and backwards paddling,
  • River-J,
  • Sculling stroke,
  • T-draw,
  • Running draw,
  • Cross-bow running draw,
  • Edging and more.

As a natural part of executing a safe trip, you will also learn how to do a self-rescue with the canoe in case of a capsize. We will also practice how to coordinate paddling between two people in a canoe as well as paddling alone.

You will also learn about camp craft, outdoor cooking, sanitary routines, portaging with canoes and how to stay warm on trips.

Once we get onto the river, you will learn how to apply the techniques you’ve learned on the lake, onto the river. You will learn;

  • How to ferry-glide from one side of the river to the other,
  • How to do an eddy-turn in/out,
  • How to scout (analyse) the river for a safe route,
  • How to swim in the river,
  • How to make safety precautions,
  • How to use throw-bags and much more.


Trip details

Time: 5 Days

Place: Damvatn along Gransheradvegen, north of Notodden. See how to get there by public transport here.

Max number of participants: 8

Experience: Blue level. What’s my level?


What’s included

All the canoing equipment that you will need on the trip is included. We use high-quality equipment which includes canoes, paddle, wetsuit, paddle jacket, buoyancy aid and helmet.

You will need to bring your own camping equipment and food. See our list of expedition gear here.

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